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From Monday 4th May, teachers will be providing online support to further help students in their learning.  The aim of this support is to provide guidance and instructions linked to students’ work and give them the opportunity to ask questions of their teacher and get feedback. Students are encouraged to post questions to their teachers on Google Classroom who will respond with additional guidance and support.

In the coming weeks, we are working on incorporating video and audio lessons into the work we set. Teachers will set work using short pre-recorded videos, audio clips or may host live classroom sessions to teach sections of the topics that students are studying currently.

To support you in making sure all students are working safely online, please read the Safeguarding Protocols for Virtual Teaching – For Parents and Students document. Please read through the protocols carefully with your child to ensure that you and they understand the expectations we have in these live lessons. It is essential that students follow the safeguarding protocols that we have outlined to ensure they are working safely at home. These instructions will also be posted on each Google Classroom to remind students of the ways in which we work.