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Students with Allergies, Asthma and Epilepsy  – A reminder

If your child has been provided with either Buccolam for Epilepsy, Antihistamines and Adrenaline Auto-injector for allergies  or Inhaler for Asthma or allergies they should carry it with them at all times in case they require it at school, during sporting activities or on their way to and from school.

In addition to this you must provide  spare medication, a second Adrenaline Auto-injector or spare Inhaler (plus spare volumatic spacer) for use in an emergency or if your child’s inhaler runs out.  This is detailed on your child emergency care plan or Asthma plan and will be stored in the medical room in case of emergencies.

It is parent responsibility to ensure that they maintain adequate supplies of their child’s medication and that expiry dates are checked regularly.

If your child has recently attended a review, please send a copy of their updated plan or copy of the consultant’s letter.