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Head of Department:

Textiles Lead: Mr James Lynch

Key Stage 3

Year 7:

Textile design based on Islamic Art

Basic design theory – focusing on balance symmetry and  composition, the importance of accuracy, using rulers, sharp pencils, labelling, and annotations, developing ideas through the use of choice of primary and secondary images, Introduction to fabric painting and Sewing techniques. Students will research Islamic pattern making. They will also come up with their own designs using observational drawing as a starting point.

Year 8:

Repeated patterns and textile designs from the Natural World

Analyzing the work of designers and existing products using Paisley patterns as inspiration. Developing a repeated textile design based on Natural forms. Transferring images using light boxes fabric painting and using a wide range of stitching techniques. Researching Paisley patterns and their impact on the world of textiles.

Year 9:

Self-portraits based on the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Students creating self-portraits in fabric based on the work of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Working on drawing and painting techniques based on the work of the famous Pop artist. Using fabric painting and a wide range of different stitching techniques. Students will research the Pop art movement and transfer their knowledge of colour . texture and fabric to their work. This will introduce students to working practices they will use in GCSE Art and Design

Independent Learning Resources

Key Stage 3