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Head of Department: Mr Amar Virk

Key Stage 3

Year 7:

Year 7 Domestic Birds; Pencil case

  • Develop knowledge of British textile industry.
  • Develop knowledge of advertising, ideology and promotion.
  • Develop Understanding of design elements to create different impacts.
  • Develop skills in graphic typography.
  • Develop knowledge of fabric painting, application.
  • Develop skills in embroidery/ fabric embellishment.

Develop knowledge and skills in presentation and finishing.

Year 8:

Year Bees: Messenger bag project

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of bees
  • Develop understanding of fashion advertising and its impact on the consumer.
  • Develop skills in creating design illustration.
  • Develop skills in using paper appliqué template for a motif design.
  • Develop understanding of a successful design to start producing a felt appliqué motif
  • Develop skills in creating & Sewing three layers onto design layer to create pockets.
  • Develop skills in stitching pocket dividers and insert strengthened layer.

Develop skills in sewing hem and using Velcro.

Year 9:

Year 9 Inner city gardens: Pillow case

  • Develop students’ knowledge of plants and nature
  • Develop skills in line drawing and tone in observed work.
  • Develop skills in drawing with various materials and developing different drawing techniques.
  • Develop knowledge of designing process; art and design movements in relations to their own development of work.
  • Develop knowledge of the work of the famous natural form artists and designers
  • Develop skills in using the sewing machine and hand sewing techniques to make a pillow case.


Key Stage 4

Year 10:


Year 11:

Year 11 – Theme: ‘Natural form project: Decorative Fashion piece

 e.g. head piece or fashion garment.

September ’17 – January 30th 2018.

Exam theme will be sent by the exam board and given to students on 1st February  2018                                                                

  • Develop their knowledge of a range of artists and designers.British and Irish designers William Morris, Orla Kiely, Philip Tracy, Lulu Guinness, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood will be used as inspiration to create decorative and contemporary headpiece
  • Develop and refine textile print, applique and ideas through experimenting & selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques – Practical examples on presentation boards and sketchbooks.
  • Artist and Design contextual literacy study
  • Develop a final tote bag artist inspired practical piece.
  • They will develop technical skills that will begin to make them independent as artists.

Question paper will be given to the students’ eight schools weeks prior to their exam in order for them to prepare for their 10 hour exam.

Independent Learning Resources

Key Stage 3