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Lead SLT: Ms Marielle Dow
PSHE Coordinator: Ms Kesi Charles

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)

Year 7:

Preparation for Life in Modern Britain

Study skills and independent learning, Critical thinking and resilience, Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, Individual liberty, Relationships and emotional well-being, Litter, You and your safety – at home, first aid, road safety, Helping others/ voluntary organisations, Online safety, Safeguarding, Rule of Law, International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Careers, Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Body image, Healthy lifestyles, Smoking, Gangs, youth and violence, Refugees, Stonewall – free, Friendship

Year 8:

Preparation for Life in Modern Britain

Study skills and independent learning, Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs; individual liberty, Prejudice and discrimination,  Careers, Critical thinking and resilience- what is homophobia-identity, Mental health, Democracy, Body image, Introduction to sex education, Puberty, Online safety, FGM, Contraception, STIs, HIV/AIDs, Looking after your emotional well-being, Human rights, Freedom of thought/Freedom of expression, Refugees and amnesty, Feminism and gendered behaviour, Gender and stereotypes in advertising

Year 9:

Preparation for Life in Modern Britain

Critical thinking and resilience, Study skills and independent learning, Propaganda and conspiracy, Drugs education – teenage drinking/solvent abuse/getting help, Democracy – freedom of speech, Positive mental attitudes, Marriages/relationships/ divorce/forced marriages, Human rights, Online Safety, Choice for year 10 learning objectives, Careers, Safeguarding, Rule of Law, Individual liberty, FGM, Sex education-healthy and unhealthy relationships, Consent, Sex education and contraception, Sexuality, gender and identity, Gender and transgender, Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and belief, Media-Ethnic stereotyping/Refugees, Child sexual exploitation, Goals and gorillas and SMART objectives


Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

Year 10:

Study Skills, Independent learning, Preparation for Life in Modern Britain, Resilience to Propaganda, Rule of Law, Becoming Critical Internet Users, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs, Critical Thinking and Resilience:  Prejudice, Discrimination, Stereotype, Mental Health, Democracy-Freedom of Speech and Civil Liberties, Online Safety, FGM, Careers-Employability, SRE, Human Rights-Your Justice, Your World, Refugee week, Feminism, Body Image

Year 11:

Study skills for the year, Independent learning, Preparation for life in Modern Britain, Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs; rule of law, Critical thinking and resilience – hate crime, Writing a CV and covering letter, Mental health, Revision skills, Personal statement, Government and the law, Healthy relationships, Democracy, United nations, Ethics and spending, SRE, Exam preparation


Key Stage 5 (Year 12-13)

Year 12:

Life in Modern Britain (British values), Life in Modern Britain (Democracy and rule of law), Radicalisation and extremism, Healthy lifestyle and Mental Health, Careers and Work Experience, Sexting, Cyberbullying and Online safety, Propaganda, Resilience, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media and Gaming, Drugs and Alcohol, UCAS / IAG, Gangs and Youth Violence, FGM, Forced Marriage, LGBT Rights, Financial Planning, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories, Sexual Exploitation, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), UCAS – Writing Personal Statements and Unifrog

Year 13:

UCAS – IAG, Careers, Employment, Healthy Lifestyle and Mental Health Wellbeing, British Values: Individual Liberty and Rule of Law, British values: Democracy and the Rule of Law, Drugs and Alcohol, Financial Planning and Debt, Body Image, Gender Equality, Stress Management, LGBT Rights, Sexual Exploitations, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas),  SRE – Healthy relationships and Sex Education