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Head of Department: Mr M. Brotherhood

Head of Food Technology: Ms Bilkis Rahim


Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)

Year 7:

Theme – Domestic Birds

Becoming familiar with the cooking area, safe use of knife, basic kitchen equipment, oven safety, prepare a range of fresh ingredients e.g. peeling, grating weighing and measuring ingredients

Year 8:

Theme – Bees

Selection of fresh & suitable ingredients to make fast food more healthier, alternative healthy ways to cook fast food, using a range of equipment to enhance cooking skills, knowledge of spices, cooking styles, chine diet and culture, research, design, plan, make and evaluate dishes

Year 9:

Theme – Inner city Gardens

Researching, designing and making selection of dishes, the importance of nutrients in the diet, develop a range of interesting dishes using range of skills, techniques and ingredients, planning a course of action for making a selection of dishes, make and present the selection of dishes.

Key Stage 4

Year 10:

Year 10 investigate on various foods, functions and nutrition.

Year 11:

Year 11 complete the NEA control assessment of topics which is sent by the exam board. They also refresh on previous topics and practice exam questions in preparation for the final written exam in summer.

Revision topics include;

unit 1: food preparation skills

unit 2: food nutrition and health

unit 3: Food science

unit 4: Food safety

unit 5: Food choice

unit 6: Food provenance

unit 7: Food preparation and cooking techniques


Independent Learning Resources