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Head of Department: 

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)

Year 7:

British Theme – Container and Identity Project

Art and Craft movement, Line drawing and tone and pattern work, working in clay and understanding of using hands as tools in construction, watercolour pain, portrait drawing- facial proportions, understanding photographic joiners, pop art, compositional drawing, poly block printing

Year 8:

China/Japan Theme – Human Figure and Natural Form Project

Line drawing and tone and pattern, drawing human figure in proportions, manga comic books, water colour, oil pastel and clay, relief printing in designing an making string block, dragon designs and construction, design skills of kimono dress and cultural artefacts

Year 9:

Inner City Gardens

Plants and nature, line drawing and tone in observed work, drawing with various materials and developing different drawing techniques, the designing process; art and design movements in relations to their own development of work, tactile skills in making clay tiles, developing knowledge of the work of the famous natural form artists

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

Year 10:

Theme – The Built Environment

Lino Print, mono print, collage, mixed media, clay, cubism 3 D in cards, knowledge of artist’s media style through paint, print and ceramics, observational drawings drawn from direct observation or from photographs, perspective drawing, landscape artists

Year 11:




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