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Sir John Cass is a Church of England and multi-faith school extending from Year 7-11, with the Sir John Cass 6th Form College focused on Year 12 and 13 learning.

At Sir John Cass Red Coat, we operate with high standards of behaviour, discipline and attainment. We believe that by providing an environment in which pupils feel cared for and valued, they will increase in confidence and gain independence.

Vision Statement: We will achieve excellence and inspire generations the Cass way

We are a faith school and one of our main aims is to ensure “respect for all” throughout the school, so that:

Our aim is to promote confidence, high aspiration, high academic achievement, initiative and resourcefulness within the context of faith.

Draft Mission Statement

Vision statement from SIP: We aim to produce confident, talented, independent learners and thinkers with the highest aspirations for achievement, who would serve the local community and be fully participative in the life of modern Britain.resourcefulness within the context of faith.