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At this time, more than ever, we need to make sure that children and young adults are using the internet and mobile technology safely and responsibly. We want everyone to feel safe and secure when online. As a parent, speak to your child daily about their online communications. For guidelines on how to have such a conversation the NSPCC have put together some helpful conversation starters –

If you have any concerns it is important to report them. All social media have report mechanisms as well as a block facility. There are also organisations such as ChildLine and CEOP

If you have any immediate, urgent concerns about safety, it is essential that you contact the police.

If you would like to develop your own and your child’s understanding of safe online behaviour provide a range of resources and ideas for parents and carers to support online safety. This will help to complement the work we have been doing in school.

You can also find a range of links and resources in the parents’ section of our website and all students have access to information in their year group’s Google Classroom.