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Change of Uniform

We have raised in previous letters that as of September 2019 our school uniform will be changing. Following consultations and feedback from students, staff and governors, the final uniform has been decided with the blue option being the preferred choice. Please see picture example below.

The Cass Foundation has kindly agreed to provide students who are currently in Years 7-9 the compulsory items, which are the blazer and the year group tie. We will be arranging for fittings for blazers to take place in due course.

Parents / carers should purchase the skirt (mid-length or full-length) / trousers in a mid-grey colour, and the white shirt to go with the uniform. If wearing a mid-length school skirt, this should be no more than 2 inches above the knee, and should be worn with black or grey knee or ankle length socks or black tights.

Students are also able to purchase the grey uniform jumper with the school logo. The school jumper is optional, and students who opt for the jumper must purchase it from our school uniform supplier (TBC). At present, headscarves can remain the same colour (navy). As usual, students will be required to wear black, sensible shoes.

Students currently in Year 10 will remain in the same uniform for their last year at Sir John Cass & Red Coat Secondary School. Please note that these changes are from September 2019.

We will keep you updated with information about our authorised retailers.