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Year 9 Immunisation Notice

Year 9 students will shortly receive their consent form for the Meningitis ACWY and DTP Immunisation. The ACWY is vital for travel to some countries and for young people at University.  Whether it is a consent or refusal, all forms must be signed and returned. Please sign the form immediately and ask your child to […]

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Gaming or Gambling? – Online Safety – Guidance for Parents

Which games are safe for your child to play and which expose them to gambling risks? It can be hard to work out. There is currently no consistent way for parents or players to easily know which games have gambling-like features in them. Parents can check the type of content that games contain by looking […]

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Parent View App

Primary contacts of parents will shortly be receiving a tailored email and password to set up their parent view app. For full detail please visit the following page on the website – If you have any questions or need any support in setting up your parent view account, please contact Mr Tamjid Hussain.

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Medical Reminder

A reminder to parents to send any emergency medication for your child to school asap. If your child attended hospital over the Christmas break, please inform Ms Anderson (Medical Coordinator) so that she is aware and can support if needed.  

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Autumn Term Newsletter 2019

The Autumn Term newsletter is available to view here. In this edition; Prize Giving 2019, Results Day 2019, Alumni Visits, Attendance Updates, My RIG Placement Diary, Debate Club Xmas Special, Westminster Abbey Trip, Year 12 Enrichment, Cass Against Bullying, UCAS Update, Speak Out Workshop, National Poetry Day 2019, Performing Arts Updates, Erasmus+, Macmillan Coffee Morning, […]

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End of Autumn Term and Start of Spring Term Arrangements

End of term 1 arrangements + start of the term 2 School will close for the Christmas break on Friday 20th December. Arrangements are as follows: Periods 1 and 2: Lessons as normal 11.00am: Students return to their form room for tutorial time 11.15am: From 11.15am onwards the students will be dismissed by their Head […]

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Asthma Advice

Cold air is a major trigger of asthma symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath. People with asthma should be especially careful in winter. Be extra vigilant about taking your regular medications, and keep emergency reliever inhalers close by. Don’t forget to send in your spare inhaler and spacer to school with a copy of […]

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