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Theme of the Week:

Prayers For Week 40 – 10th July 2017

This week we reflect upon women as heroic role models. This is   especially important because strong role models help to empower all of us,   but especially women in our community.    Many societies have yet to embrace full opportunities for women and   parts of the world restrict women to traditional lifestyles.


We look at women across the faiths who have helped change their   society for the good and who show that women and men are able to work   together to improve the lives of all.      


10th July

   Heroic Women and Spiritual Role Models      


This   week the theme of our collective worship theme focuses on the example of   heroic women and role models.


Reflection:  Charlotte   Brontë, in her novel ‘Jane Eyre’   wrote, “As a woman, I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human   being with an independent will.” 


Let   us pray: Heavenly Lord we give thanks for   the example of human beings who have lived virtuous, creative and heroic   lives. We especially thank you for women across all societies who have   struggled against stifling conformity and been beacons of creativity and champions   of literature, the arts, care of others and fighters for heroic causes. Help   us, O Lord, to continue their work and to be advocates for justice, truth and   human creativity. We ask for your blessing to fall upon all those who are   oppressed and marginalised in our society and to help them to find a voice and   live freely as your children. We ask this in your name.  Amen




This   week we continue with the theme of the example of heroic women and spiritual   role models.


Reflection:  Today we focus   on the medieval warrior saint, Joan of Arc, who reported in her own   words,   "I was in my thirteenth   year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the   first time I was very much afraid.  Now   I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be   against God's will." Joan went on to lead the men of her country into   battle and won many victories before dying a heroic death.


Prayer:  Almighty Lord,   we thank you for the example of Joan of Arc. She was a humble peasant girl   who followed her conscience to become a mighty warrior in a time when her   society prevented women from any leadership roles. Help us to follow her   example of courageousness, faithfulness and determination, that we may seek   to reach our full potential in the world. Amen    




This week we continue with the   theme of the example of heroic women and spiritual role models.


Reflection:  Today we focus on Gladys Aylward, who overcame huge obstacles to travel as a missionary to   China. She lived a heroic life and worked to stop women in China from having   their feet bound and broken and placed in tiny shoes, as was the   tradition.  She once said to a father   who wanted to rebind his daughter's feet, "Here, the next time you want   her feet bound, bind them yourself, not your wife, and you listen to her   screams." Her mission was a huge success. 


Let   us pray: Merciful heavenly Lord, we thank   you for the example of Gladys Aylward. as a poor working class servant maid she   fulfilled your will and put all her energies into fulfilling her vocation as   a missionary to China. Assist us to follow her example of courageous   self-sacrifice that we may help to make your world a better place for all.  Amen      




This   week we continue with the theme of the example of heroic women and spiritual   role models.


Reflection   Today:    Today we focus on Fatimah the   daughter of Muhammad and Khadijah. Yusuf Ali wrote these words   describing her, “Fatimah was the wife of Ali.    She became the object of great honour and veneration by all Muslims,   because she lived closest to her father and supported him in his   difficulties. For Muslims, Fatimah is an inspiring example." 


Prayer:   Let us pray:   We thank you oh Lord for those who care   and support their family. Help us to follow the example of Fatimah, who was   an example of a child who cared for her father in a way that brought him   consolation in the trials of life. We bring before you today all those who   quietly work in the background to encourage and work for their family. We   pray especially for women who have to balance working in a profession, earning   a living and being the chief carer for children or ailing parents. May you   empower them with the resources of endurance and courage in their frequent   small acts of heroism each day.  We ask   this in your name.  Amen          




This   week we continue with the theme of the example of heroic women and spiritual   role models.


Reflection   Today:    Today we focus on Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who said,   “Let us not be satisfied with just giving   money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to   love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go. We ourselves feel that   what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less   because of that missing drop.” 


Prayer:  Merciful Lord, we thank you for those women   of faith who have dedicated their lives to service for those around them. We   pray that we would never be disheartened that what we have to offer seems so   small set against the background of a world full of such insurmountable   problems. Empower us oh Lord, to show acts of kindness and charity that   together with others we may begin to transform the part of the world you have   placed us in.  Amen