"Sir John Cass Red Coat is an OUTSTANDING School"
Ofsted Report, December 2015

School Specialisms

Comenius trip to Italy

We arrived on Sunday afternoon to our beautiful hotel in Spoleto, Italy, after a short drive from the Rome Airport. We were fascinated by the city's Roman ruins, and wanted to learn more about them and the many 'piazzas', which means squares.

The next day we took a bus to a nearby Castel Ritaldi school and were immediately taken in by the wonderful pupils and staff. After having met the students from the other Comenius countries, we all took a lesson in making conversation in each other's languages. The school's students then performed traditional Italian dances for everyone, which showed us an insight in Italian culture. Later in the evening, we visited the town's library and church courtyard. Soon we all left for a restaurant nearby a very beautiful medieval castle, which we had visited just before. During our dinner, we introduced ourselves to some of the students which we had not met earlier, and ate traditional Italian foods, such as pizza, pasta and profiteroles.

On our second day in Italy, we stayed local in a Spoleto primary school. We were shown around the school and did many wonderful activities such as balloon making, flag painting, fixing the exhibition room and flamenco dancing, we enjoyed very much. Towards the end of the day, we did our own workshop of henna on everybody, which everyone enjoyed, so it was a complete success! In the night, we all walked to the main square and let balloons to into the sky and sang songs altogether, before going back to the hotel and preparing for the next day.

Our final day was a sunny, hot day, consisting of going to Assisi, which is a medieval church town. There was a peace march leading up to the town, which we all walked, and it had the names of people who helped after the devastating earthquake in 1997, engraved in the pavement. Once we arrived to the top of the hills, where the town was, we were split into groups, and were guided around the town by the Italian students, who were extremely knowledgeable about the town and Saint Francesco, who's tomb is located there. Once arriving back to Spoleto, we were given some free time, which was spent shopping for souvenirs and eating authentic Italian street food, which tasted amazing. The evening was spent at a lovely restaurant with all the teachers.

 It was sad because we had to say goodbye to all the wonderful friends we had made in the short 5 days we were in Italy, which we kept in touch with. Our experience in Italy allowed us to make new friends and experience different cultures, not just Italian, which we all definitely enjoyed very much.

By, Umaymah Alom