"Sir John Cass Red Coat is an OUTSTANDING School"
Ofsted Report, December 2015

School Specialisms

Comenius trip to France


When we arrived at France the sun was shining much to our content. Our host families picked us up at the airport and they took us to their homes in the countryside. Living in the countryside differed to the city in many ways but the amazing kindness and hospitality of the families helped us settle right in!

On the first day of our stay we attended the French school in which our hosts went to. It was amazing how different their school was. It was an insightful experience to attend lessons with our hosts, everyone was very polite there. Some of the students gave us a tour of the school afterward and it was great to see how the school functioned and compared it to Sir John Cass back in London. Following the lessons all the Comenius students met one another and we took a coach into the city of Lyon to visit a museum. It was fun yet very educational seeing all the movie artefacts and witnessing paintings.

On the second day of France we went back to the school and attended morning lessons then we visited the markets and bought French delicacies which were delicious. Then we met the Headteacher and he provided us with a tasty meal before departing. We walked back to the school and prepared for the party that would take place later that evening. It was a great party; everyone communicated together and got along. We met students from all over the world including Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland and Turkey.

On the first day of the weekend was a day to really experience life at home in France. We did everything with our hosts, including day to day activities such as helping with their homework. Later that evening a few of the Comenius students went bowling followed by a meal. It was great communicating in different languages and learning each others. The last day was spent travelling around the city to look at famous buildings and landmarks, our families were most informative and we learnt a lot about the city of Lyon.

Overall, our experience in France was extraordinary as it enabled us to make new friends, live and undergo the culture in France and enjoy the beautiful country. Saying goodbyes were sad as we had forged close bonds and friendships and they had grown in our time in France.

By, Nadia Ahmed