"Sir John Cass Red Coat is an OUTSTANDING School"
Ofsted Report, December 2015

School Specialisms

Comenius trip to Poland

Both students and teachers from London arrived in Poland with great expectations, and now that the trip has come to an end, we can gladly say that our expectations have been met. We have spent four exciting days in the beautiful city of Bydgoszcz in the presence of amazing and friendly people. We are also very grateful for the warm welcome from the polish students and teachers which was highly appreciated.

We arrived on a cold night on a Wednesday evening after taking a short ride from the airport to the hotel, we were fascinated by the city's lights and cleanliness and were eager to arrive at our place of stay where we were lovingly taken in by the staff. The hotel 'Pod Orlem', was a cosy place and was considered one of the students' highlights of the trip.

After a relaxing nights sleep we were introduced to the students from different countries around the world in the morning and were immediately getting along. We arrived at one of the best rated polish schools in the country and were amazed to witness such difference in comparison to our own school back home. At the school we were once again welcomed graciously by the staff which had set up several activities and lessons for us during the school day. This included an English and biology lesson which was extremely engaging and interesting, this had gave us an opportunity to collaborate with one another and also provided us with an insight of day to day polish life. In the evening, there was a beautiful dinner which was kindly organised by the headmaster in a fancy restaurant which we had all loved to a great extent.

The second exciting day in Poland was in our opinion the best day spent during the whole trip. This was due to meeting the polish leader of education which was a great honour for us all. This was also down to us visiting a cooking academy where we were taught to make a delicious recipe which we enjoyed making and eating very much.

Finally, the last day of our stay in Poland was just as amazing as the previous day,  if not even better. We visited an entertaining planetarium which was very engaging yet educational. Shortly after, we were taken on a tour around the streets of Torun where we saw the beautiful castle, the religious church and the leaning tower as well as many other tourist attractions. After enjoying a great lunch in a restaurant we were kindly given a while to shop in a popular area in the city. Once we had arrived back at the hotel, we were invited to our last dinner together as a comenius group where friendships and bonds had grown.

Overall our experience in Poland was extraordinary as it allowed us to make new friends, live under the ways of polish culture and enjoy the sights and attractions in the country. We were content with the four days spent in your beautiful country and are definitely hoping to return again.